207700011Meet Tyler.  He is the starting free safety for the Cloverleaf High School  freshman football team.  Tyler was a new patient in my office back in August.  His vision tested 20/30 in each eye.  That means he failed to read the bottom two lines on the eye chart.  Tyler needed a mild prescription to return his vision to 20/20.

Tyler decided to be fit into contact lenses for the first time.  He did a great job learning how to care for his new contacts and he quickly learned how to put the lenses in his eyes.  Tyler returned to our office today for his contact lens follow-up with some big news.  Since he started wearing contact lenses, Tyler has intercepted three passes playing defense for the Cloverleaf freshman team.  The sharper, crisper vision that he is enjoying has improved his game.  Tyler is able to make quicker reads on the football and pick it up sooner after the quarterback throws the ball.  His story is a perfect illustration of how visual performance is so important to athletes.  Tyler’s mom reports that she has also noticed an improvement in his academic performance with his improved vision.

If you are an athlete looking to improve your game, the first place you should start is with a comprehensive eye exam.  Make sure that you give your game every advantage.  Good vision can help your batting average, improve your tennis game, or even make you a nightmare for the opposing quarterback.

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