The tables on this page represent a sampling of LASIK outcomes for patients with different prescription powers and using different lasers. Our doctors recommend System Optics based on the excellent surgical outcomes that patients experience with Dr. Todd Beyer. There are no extra fees involved to have your LASIK comanaged through our office.

Dr. Beyer LASIK Statistics - National

Dr. Beyer has now switched to the VISX Star 3 Laser. The Star 3 uses radar eye tracking and is the most advanced laser available from VISX. The table posted above is small sample and does not represent data on all 6,000 of Dr. Beyer’s LASIK procedures and it does not include his most recent results with the VISX Star 3. System Optics reports that Dr. Beyer is getting even better results with the Star 3. These new results will be posted on this website as soon as they become available.

Typical LASIK Results For Myopia…

Review the pictures below to see typical LASIK data from two different lasers. Notice that as the prescription range increases, a patient’s chance or achieving perfect 20/20 vision after surgery decreases. Patients with mild to moderate myopia, (-1.00 to -4.00) have the best chance of achieving 20/20 vision.