Funny thing happened today.  My right eye has been a little blurry for the past few days.  I thought my contact lens might be dirty, or perhaps it was just some trouble with allergies creating a film on the lens.  I know a pretty good optometrist, so I asked her to take a look at the problem.  Anna found that my vision was down to 20/25 in my right eye.  I have developed a small amount of astigmatism.  So, for the first time, she gave me a toric contact lens today to treat my astigmatism.  Wow!  What a difference!  I’m wearing Biofinity Toric on my right eye.  It feels no different than my old lenses and I’m back to 20/15 — better than 20/20 vision.

Moral of the story:  if something’s a little off with your vision, get it checked out.  Chances are, your optometrist might be able to help.  Mine sure did!

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