Annamarie and I spent last weekend attending the East-West Eye Conference in Cleveland.  Each year we brush up on our continuing education at East-West taking lectures from some of the top eye care experts in the nation.  This year, the hot topic was daily disposable contact lenses.  Daily lenses have been around for years, but they are really starting to gain traction in the market place.  Speaker after speaker at East-West talked about new research that shows the safety, comfort, and convenience of the daily disposable modality.

Daily contacts are made half as thick as a typical two week disposable.  Less plastic in the eye equals greater comfort.  When allergy sufferers struggle with contact lens comfort, sometimes daily lenses are the only type of contact that they can wear.  We also treat some patients whose eyes are irritated by the disinfecting solutions that they use.  With a daily lens, no cleaning and no solutions are needed and that means greater comfort.

Plus, all of those cleaning solutions get expensive!  Experts claim a typical contact lens patient shoud be using one ounce of cleaning solution per day to clean their lenses.  That’s one ounce of solution to rinse, rub, and store both lenses.  That’s not much, but it would equal 365 ounces of solution a year, or about 35 bottles of contact lens solution each year.  Even if you only use half that much solution, that’s a lot of money being spent to care for your two week or monthly soft contact lenses.

When you consider the cost of caring for and cleaning your soft lenses, it makes sense to switch to dailies.  For the same price that your are spending to care for and clean your current lenses, you could get hundreds and hundreds of daily lenses.

Call our office today and start enjoying the safety, comfort, and convenience of daily disposable contact lenses.

Tim Milburn, O.D.

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