Big news to announce.  Since April 1st, Anna and I have been serving as consultants to the Cleveland Clinic.  We are seeing patients at the Cleveland Clinic Brunswick Family Health Center.  Anna has appointments in Brunswick all day on Wednesdays and I am seeing patients in Brunswick on Monday afternoons and Thursday mornings.  We’ve managed to work the schedule in Brunswick so that it will not impact our private practices in Medina  and Wooster.

It was very exciting when we got the call from the Cole Eye  Institute inviting us to join their consulting team.  The Cleveland Clinic’s Cole Eye  Institute is ranked #10 in the nation in Ophthalmology by U.S. News and World Report.  We now have direct access to the Cleveland Clinic’s team of renowned surgeons and specialists.  Ultimately our patients in Medina, Wooster, and Brunswick will benefit as we work closer with the specialists in Cleveland.  One unexpected benefit has been the team of physicians and specialists that we’ve met at the Brunswick Family Health Center.  The Cleveland Clinic has a staff of physcians in every specialty from cardiology, family practice, OB/GYN, Internal Medicine, and neurology, just to name a few, all under one roof in Brunswick.  We are now referring patients to these Cleveland Clinic specialists as the need arises.

Working as a Consultant to the Cleveland Clinic is sort of like a part-time job.  It does not affect our private practices. Our two Drs. Milburn locations are still independently owned and managed.  I believe our new relationship with the Cleveland Clinic will bring a lot of benefits to all of our patients regardless of whether they are seen in our private offices or in Brunswick.

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